Things to do

Enjoy the relaxing beaches

This area is filled with numerous beautiful beaches known for crystal clear and clean sea. Find your favorite spot and relax – enjoy the sun and swimming in the perfect blue colors of the Mediterranean paradise.

The beauty of the ambiance also includes a stunning view to the surrounding coves and islands. We also recommend that you try some of the available boat tours to experience these beautiful locations from the sea.

Taste the delicacies

The best memories from your vacation will include delicious local specialities – from prosciutto, fresh seafood and great wine to Trogir rafioli, famous local pastry.

There is also a green market nearby where you can get fresh and healthy local fruit and vegetables.

Explore hiking paths

Take a hiking trip around the coast, beautiful beaches and coves, or maybe to the nearby islands or mountains.

Relaxing experience of Mediterranean nature and amazing views of Adriatic coastline will charge your batteries.

Go for sea kayaking

The beauty of the stunning coastline is best experienced by taking a tour with sea kayak.

Paddle through the small coves, around numerous islands, watch the picturesque villages and enjoy the relaxing Mediterranean ambiance.

Discover diving locations

To truly appreciate the magic of this place, you should also experience its underwater beauties. 

Take a diving trip and enjoy the submarine landscapes around the islands, full of marine life, beautiful reefs and hidden caves that will leave you breathless.